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It’s our intention to have all that we do carry the heart of The Florette along with it.  A heart of abundance, generosity, service and thankfulness. Flowers hold such a beautiful spirit - we pray that spirit is communicated in every delivery made, in every service provided, and to each and every person reached.  Order's through our site are simple and streamlined, select your vessel, share your desires, and we take care of the rest.  Prices are all-inclusive, covering your vessel full of 100% American Grown blooms, a handwritten enclosure card with a message of your choice and delivery to where you request.

We have chosen to give 10% of all our proceeds to a monthly cause of choice.  To see which organization is being impacted by your purchase this month visit our Cause List. We also give the opportunity to add on a Sojourner Bouquet to any purchase made, allowing you to help provide beauty through flowers for women and children affected by domestic violence. Even our events carry this heart through, allowing the option to re-purpose your blooms post event and gift them to those who could use the joy envoked by the brightness of flowers. Thank you for choosing The Florette.

Xo. Jenna


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